Issue #4

PWA Tips Monthly Newsletter

Issue #4 | May 4th, 2017

What's New?

Ola Cabs

Ola drives mobility for a billion Indians with Progressive Web App.


The fastest way to find movies now playing in cinemas and to discover popular movies and series.

Web at Microsoft

Discover what microsoft have to offer for Web.

web microsoft
Service Worker Security FAQ

Service worker security faq from chromium developers

browser security
Material Money

A fast, offline-friendly, Material Design-inspired currency converter.

Material Components for the Web

Create beautiful apps with modular and customizable UI components..

web components
Introducing GitHub for Atom.

The GitHub package will come bundled with Atom 1.18.

editor atom

Browser Updates

What's New In DevTools (Chrome 60)

New Audits panel, powered by Lighthouse.

chrome devtools
Responsive Design for Motion.

WebKit now supports the prefers-reduced-motion media feature, part of CSS Media Queries Level 5, User Preferences.

Microsoft Edge at Build 2017

Microsoft welcomed thousands of developers from around the world to Build 2017, where we shared our vision for the future of dozens of products and services.

Announcing Samsung Internet v5.4 stable

Samsung Internet version 5.4 is now being released in our stable channel..

Opera is Reborn

Earlier this year we also presented Opera Neon, a concept browser that gave you a glimpse into the future of desktop browsers.

Accessibility improvements in EdgeHTML 15

In last year’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update, we introduced a new architecture for web accessibility, enabling a more accessible web with Microsoft Edge.


Articles & Tutorials

Rebuilding Slack’s Emoji Picker in React

Slack is transitioning its web client to React. When Slack was first built, our frontend consisted of established technologies like jQuery and Handlebars.

Financial Times increases engagement with personalisation, speed

The Financial Times is one of the world’s leading news organisations, with more than 846,000 paid for subscribers, 647,000 of which are digital.

Fluent Design System

Microsoft launches the Fluent Design System, its take on Google’s Material Design.

microsoft design
React DevTools

If you're benchmarking or experiencing performance problems in your React apps.

Twitter Lite PWA casestudy

Twitter is a platform to find out what’s happening in the world..

pwacase study
Mynet PWA casestudy

Twitter is a platform to find out what’s happening in the world..

pwacase study
Rearchitecting Airbnb’s Frontend

We recently rethought the architecture for the JavaScript side of our codebase at Airbnb.